Feature Flag Analytics

You might not have noticed it, but Flipper 1.3.0 (released in April) enabled telemetry by default for everyone using Cloud.

This means for the past month or two (whenever you upgraded), we've been rolling up some useful metrics and shipping them to Cloud. Nothing personal is in the analytics, just flag names, time periods and true/false counts.

Last night (a Friday of course 😘), I enabled flag analytics for everyone on a paid plan. They'll look kind of like the image below when you are viewing a feature flag.

Screenshot of last 24 hours for a feature flag enabled 1% of the time.

Analytics are a big deal because they increase confidence – whether it's knowing that your flag is working as intended or safe to remove.

We've been using the functionality internally for a few months and it's made flag cleanup a breeze.

  1. Remove the flag from the code.
  2. See the number of checks for that flag go to zero.
  3. Delete the flag from Cloud.
  4. 🍻

For the curious, I've already written up part 1 of how we built these analytics and hope to finish this series over the coming months (via a few more articles).

That's all for now. Happy flipping!