Feature Creators & Owners

Knowing is half the battle, and sometimes the only way to know is to talk to the right person. You can see who originally created a feature flag with Flipper Cloud's audit history, but digging back into the past can be tedious. Moreover, the person who originally created a feature flag isn't always the best person to ask if they're no longer involved in the project.

So we've made a couple of improvements to streamline the process of digging into a feature flag's history and current status. First, we've surfaced data about the creation date and creator for context. And second, we've added the ability to assign "Feature Owners" in order to make it crystal clear who on the team is the best point of contact.


For now, feature owners are little more than meta data to help provide context, but we have extensive plans for feature owners to play a much bigger role with filtering, notifications, and even workflows. They're just the first step, and we'd love to hear how we can integrate feature owners to streamline your work.