Flipper 0.24.1

New day. New flipper. Get it while its 🔥.


  • ☎️ flipper-api: exclude_gates parameter to exclude gate data in GETs. Probably very rare use case, but if you just want on/off from the API you can slim down responses now.
  • 🚫 Make it possible to disable internal memoization. Sometimes you really don't want to always wrap with memoization. This makes it so you can turn that off.
  • 🗝 Add Flipper::Actor#hash so actors can be hash keys.


  • 🧘‍♀️ Relax the rack-protection dependency.
  • 🥰 Pretty Up rails routes again and make rack-protection dependency less strict.
  • 🤓 Add kwargs for method_missing using ruby 3.0.

No breaking changes. This'll be an easy one for you.

Happy flipping!