Organization Permissions

Paying Flipper Cloud customers now have a little more control over which organization members have access to which features. Organization members can be assigned a role of administrator, member, or billing. And even better, there's no charge for billing-only team members.

A screenshot of the organization members page with an invitation form at the top with an option to select the role.
From the organization members page, members can be invited as an administrator or a standard member or have their role updated later.
A screenshot of changing an organization's member role with options for "Organization Member" and "Organization Administrator"
Organization members and invitations can be assigned as members or administrators.
  • Administrative members have full access to everything. They can manage billing, invite or promote team members, close the account, and more. Anything that could change your bill is controlled by admins.
  • Standard members have access to all of the organization's projects, and they can see the state of the subscription. They cannot, however, invite additional team members.
  • Billing members are limited to subscription management. There is no cost for billing managers, but they do not have any access to projects.
A screenshot of an organization billing page with a list of billable users and an email form below that for inviting no-cost billing managers.
Billing managers are free and can be invited from the billing area of the organization.

Behind the Scenes

This might feel like a small change with a few new buttons but it was a massive amount of work over the past month – 10+ pull requests and thousands of lines of code changed.

Of course we deployed along the way behind a feature flag named :org_permissions. In fact, we released this feature to everyone over a week ago (on a Friday of course) and have already cleaned up the flag. 😎

Org permissions audit history.

We are really happy with the end result and hope you are too. A few clicks and you can easily reduce access and increase safety.

Fun fact: Steve and John (who avoid permissions like the plague) are already using it on Box Out.