Environment Owners

Flipper Cloud now supports restricting who can enable, disable, or roll back feature flags in shared environments. That way nobody accidentally enables a flag in production prematurely. Of course, everyone still receives their own personal development environment that’s fully under their control. They can enable, disable, roll back, or mirror production settings all day long.

A screenshot of the Environment Access settings page presenting three options for restricting feature flag control for the environment. 1. Project Team Members, 2. Organization Team Members, and 3. Environment Owners. Environment owners is the selected option and shows which team members have been assigned below the option.
Choose who should be able to enable, disable, or roll back feature flags for each shared environment.

For each shared environment, you can choose whether all project team members (including collaborators) can control flags, only organization members, or environment owners that can be assigned on a per-environment basis. No matter who can control an environment, all project team members have read access for all flags in their projects' environments.

A screenshot of the project collaborators page in Flipper. Below the list of team members, a block shows the list of shared environments and which team members can control flags for that environment along with a link to edit the access controls.
From the project collaborators page, you can quickly see which environments are restricted to which team members.

Ultimately, this is just the beginning of layering in some more advanced permissions and controls so teams can adjust Flipper Cloud for their workflows and needs. So take it for a spin, and let us know how can keep improving it to support your workflows!