New features this week

We have two new features for you this week. They've been a month in the making and we hope you enjoy them.

Organization Permissions

Paying Flipper Cloud customers now have a little more control over which organization members have access to which features. Organization members can be assigned a role of administratormember, or billing. And even better, there's no charge for billing-only team members.

Environment Owners

Flipper Cloud now supports restricting shared environments (who can enable, disable, or roll back feature flags). That way nobody accidentally enables a flag in production prematurely. Of course, everyone still receives their own personal development environment that’s fully under their control. They can enable, disable, roll back, or mirror production settings all day long.


In addition to some new features, we're getting into podcasting. No, The Friday Deploy isn't going audio just yet, but we did have some involvement in other recent episodes.

First, we sponsored the second season of YAGNI (by Matt Swanson) and they have 3 episodes released. John's listened to the first two and would like to pass along a 👍. Give them a listen!

Last, but not least, John was interviewed on the Indie Rails podcast by Jeremy and Jess. Check it out if you want to hear some ancient history and feel free to skip ahead to the last 20 minutes or so if you just want to hear the origin of Flipper and Flipper Cloud.

That's all for this week. Happy flipping!